Morning's Veil

Dryas' emotions and reactions of the 5/13/17 campaign

Dryas was utterly horrified of the prospect of having to go to his companions in wolf form, considering the majority of reactions toward his curse have been overwhelmingly negative, but the need of suffering innocents outweighed the need to keep his secret.  He was surprised when the others did not react with hostility toward his presence, and even further surprised when they were not hostile on discovering it was him.  When Steve began to ride Dryas, he was feeling a mixture of gratitude that there were not hostile feelings toward him, but also humiliation, that he was now basically reduced to a mount.  When one of the lizard people threatened Steve, Dryas felt an overwhelming desire to protect him and his other companions, thus reacted by ripping the lizard person's throat out (also some disappointment that the lizard person did not squeak like a proper chew toy should).  In the caves whenever there was a battle Dryas felt the need to protect his companions from attacks.  When the group stopped hearing the cries and screams of the slaves, Dryas felt panicked that their captor's decided to kill them rather than  have them freed.  Dryas was relieved when he saw they were all ok, but frustrated that he could not do more to help in their escape due to the limitations of his current form.  While Steve was picking the locks to the cages, Dryas in a sense herded the prisoners to make sure they didn't trample one another on fleeing the dungeon.


elfofthefae sdhunkins

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