Morning's Veil

Session 3
Gathering Information

Upon waking Treely found a note pinned to her bow that read thus:

"Gather your party and proceed to my office for instructions.


Once dressed she walked across the hall to the room she had given her 4 recruits. Perceiving no answer when she knocked, she went in and found that Torinn, Israphel, and Steve were missing, and the Dryas was groaning in his bed. Dryas said he had eaten something bad and was not well, and Treely contented herself with letting him rest. All beds but one had not been slept in, and that one had a note that read:

"Thank you for the bed


Cursing her ill luck she went into the dining hall to ask her comrads if they had seen her recruits. The dragon born had left but 30 minutes before Chachi, er Darien told her, and Pip and Pep, the two gnomes who had smoked Dwarf Moss with Israphel and Steve the night before told her they were still asleep in their room.

After hearing a knock on the door Israphel woke up with a start, felling very light headed and disoriented. Finding Steve still asleep he shook his friend. "Hey boss, boss wake up." But Steve only kept on sleeping fitfully. "Boss, you can't handle your dwarf moss. Awe forget about it" hearing a second knock, Israphel got up to open the door and quickly jumped back as he saw Treely getting ready to kick the now open door open.

"Good, your awake." Treely said, smoothing her countenance, "get Steve up, we have been asked for"

"Forget about it, the boss isn't waking up. I think he had too much dwarf moss"

"You smoked dwarf moss, you fools. If you aren't a dwarf it could be toxic"

"I like the stuff, and i seem to be fine. Just a little hung over"

"Well, pick him up and we will take him to the infirmary. This isn't the first time Pip and Pep have done this."

Dragging  his boss by one arm, Israphel followed Treely out of the room, down the hall, and through the mess hall to the jeers and laughter of the guild members who were eating. They walked through the door under the staircases to the third story bellow where the infirmary was. They walked down a hallway, took at left and went in the only door on the left. An old and wizened woman named Grunhilda indicated Israphel to put the gnome on a hospital bed while Treely explained.

"He smoked dwarf moss with Pip and Pep."

Grunhilda tisked and chuckled, "Leave him here, I'll take care of him."

With Steve in good hands, Treely and Israphel left the guild hall in search of Torinn (though Israphel was truely in search of mead). Asking several townsfolk if they had seen a large and hooded humanoid with red skin, a peddler was able to recall him going into The Sleeping Goat, the tavern they had been in the night before. Treely found it curious what reason he had for returning to the establishment, and if it held any significance.

Entering the Tavern, Treely told Israphel to find them a table.

"What will you have Israphel? It's on me, as the proprieter owes me for services rendered."

"You're a good friend to have Treely, thanks. I'll just have an Ale then." Israphel told her as he went away to find a table in the far back of the tavern.

Treely walked up to the bar and asked for two ale's, but the bartender, seeing her coming, gave her instead a piece of paper. The paper was a wanted poster with her face on it that he had seen fall from the pouch of a man in full plate armor who had been asking questions about Treely. Treely looked at it, and then him.

"I figured if I left the continent they would forget about me, but I guess they want to bring me back."

"Look at the poster" he said, "they don't want to bring you back, they mean to get rid of you. It says wanted dead or alive."

"I guess they must want me pretty bad."

"You destroyed an entire town," he exclaimed.

"Eh," Treely waved a hand in dismissal, "it was a small town, and I didn't even kill the bastard I was after."

The Barkeep chuckled at her blaze attitude and turned to grab two steins for ale.

"The fella who dropped this was in here asking questions about you. If i knew you, and how long you've been around. We all told him we didn't know you of course"

"What did he look like?"

"Well, there were 4 of them, and i couldn't see their faces because they were in full plate armor. "

"Hmmm, strange." Treely mused "Well, thanks for the information, I'll keep an eye out. And what of my dwarf friend? Is he still in residence?"

"That lousy drunk….. who also spent a pretty penny here, he's still in his room, even though he was suppose to be gone hours ago. Get him out of here or pay for another nights stay" he told her angrily.

"Don't worry, I'll be taking him with me…. Oh, and, that poster took it completely out of my head. Have you seen the dragonborn i left with last night? I was told he had come this way."

"Yeah, he was here. Had one drink and left, about half an hour ago."

Treely walked to the table where Istaphel waited, tankard in hand, and set one down in front of him. He eagerly began to drink to cure his hang over. Treely stared off into space, thinking about the men looking for her and remembering her last week's in Lelrennas before her flight to Stoweport. Seeing that she was distracted, Israphel snatched up her drink and quickly downed it. He smoothly replaced the glass and began to drink his own ale before Treely even noticed hers was gone.

Meanwhile, Aspburg was just waking up. He looked bleerily around the spinning room, but couldn't remember where he was or how he got there. After a few minute reflection, he vegly remembered drinking at a tavern and playing his bongos to a crowd of gay people cheering him on. Aspberg smiled at the recolection of how talented he is before he remembered that he has nothing to be happy about and the scowl returned to his face. He needed another drink. He gathered up his things and left the room to pursue booze. Being that he had stayed in a tavern, booze was close at hand. He stumbled down the hall, still a little drunk, and gave his butt a good scratch as he walked.

"More ale," he told the barkeep.

"It's about time you got up. You were spouse to leave three hours ago." The bartender said angrily.

"I'm paying you ain't I," the dwarf retorted, "so what's the problem?"

Seemingly out of no where, a wood elf only a few inches taller than Aspburg appeared next to him.

"Don't worry about it Ned," she said to the bar keep, "his ale is on me. "

"Not that I'm complaining, but who are you lady?" Aspburg asked, suspicious of her generosity as she slid 2 copper across the bar.

"We met last night. I offered you a job"

"What job?" Aspburg asked, growing more suspicious.

"Nothing particularly taxing or dangerous, as i said last night. We only require your eyes and ears, and we will reward you well for information." She said cryptically.

"Now i remember, you're the one who speaks in vegueries. Why don't you speak more plainly." The dwarf asked, getting frustrated.

"There are eyes and ears everywhere, and not all friendly. This is neither the time nor place for plain speech." Treely said with daring eyes and a smile that didn't suite the conversation.

Aspburg looked down at his pint and drained it. "Welp, why the hell not, let's go."

"I have one last thing to do before we can meet for instructions. Why do you take Aspburg back to the dinning hall and I'll meet you all there."she said to Israphel.

The three stepped outside and parted ways. Israphel and Aspburg walked slowly forward until Treely was out of sight. Israphel stopped with a puzzled look on his face.

"How do I get there? "

"Get where? Where are we going? " Aspburg asked.

"You know, i can't remember. Awe forget about it."

"Well, "Aspburg said turning around, "There is a tavern here, i think we were going to get drinks."

"Yes! "Israphel exclaimed, "that was it."

And the two companions walked arm in arm back to the tavern.


Treely began her search for Torrin in earnest. She asked random towns folk, some she knew some she didn't, if the had seen a red humanoid in a large cloak.She assumed he would be conspicuous and easily remembered.

"That strange dragonborn thing,"exclaimed a tinker, "Yeah, i saw it go by. It was heading toward the docks."

"Thank you good man" Treely said, faining gratitude toward the bigot, "you have been most helpful" and she gave him a copper.

Treely knew there weren't any ships leaving until later that day, and so Torrin couldn't have left town yet by that rout. She wanted to keep the dragonborn with her, but she didn't yet understand why. Only a feeling she had. Either because he would be an ally, or an enemy she still waned him close.

Treely approached the shipyard and approached the Harbourmaster's office.

"Good morning Banner." She spoke to him merrily

"Good morning Treely, what brings you in today? I wasn't aware that any shipments were coming in for your lot." He said, checking his ledger.

"I'm looking for someone, actually. A large man, in a black cloak, possibly with the hood pulled down. His skin is red and scaled."

"Oh yes, the dragonborn. He came in to charter a ship to take him on as a passenger." He rummaged around his papers mumbling, "to um, to um."

"Well, is he still around?" She interrupted him.

"Oh yes," he brightened, "He's just at the end of the pier."

"Thank you Banner, have a good day."

Treely walked down the pier, and spotted Torrin sitting on a wooden crate down at the end of a pier. Treely sat down on a crate beside him and looked out to the ocean.

"I have a job offer for you." Treely told him.

Torrin sat in silence, looking out over the ships docked at port to the ocean beyond.

"Look, we are trying to make a difference here" Treely told him, dropping her facade for a moment. "We are trying to help people, save people from slavery. We want your help, can you do that for us?"

"I will join you for this one mission, but I will leave if I want after we are done," Torrin said, with his usual somber attitude and downcast eyes. Torrin stood up suddenly, ready to go, but stood silently to wait for Treely to lead the way.

Meanwhile, Israphel and Aspburg drank merrily at The Sleeping Goat Tavern. Israphel tried to remember what he was suppose to be doing, but could only think about drinking. Then, after 20 minutes of merriment, he remembered, he was suppose to pick up mead for Mum the Half orc cook. 

"I remembered what I need to do," he told Aspburg, "Mum, the guild cook, asked me to find some mead. The guild is running low."

"I'm still drinking my ale," Aspburg said grumpily.

"She gave me the last bottle of mead, even though she wouldn't have no more, and a gold coin."

"Well, that's legit. Let's go find some then." Aspburg replied, now enthused by the prospect.

"Barkeep, Ned was it?" Israphel asked.

"Yes, what can I do for you?" Ned replied while drying a washed glass.

"We're in the market for mead. See, Mum asked me and my boss to find some mead for the guild. But my boss see, he can't help so forget about it. Do you know any where we could find some?"

"Oh, of course. The market usually has a fair amount of mead for a cheap price." Ned told him.

"Awe no, Mum is a great lady, she doesn't deserve no cheap mead."

"Alright, I know exactly what you are looking for. There are two brothers who own a warehouse down by the docks. They often sell to bars in the slums for a good price. These guys have good hearts, have a soft spot for the less fortunate. But I can assure you they have quality alcohol."

"Quality spirits, I'm in" said Aspburg with a look of glee in his eye. And the two set off.

so they walked down to the docks and found only one of the brothers and after some negotiations bought 90 bottles of mead but on the way to the purple hands hide out drank a bottle, meanwhile Treely was following a suspicious looking man who left the bar before she did who was spying on her, she followed him to a shady looking Inn when she walked in looking around only saw an Elf who was standing behind a counter and there were two hallways behind him to his left and right, asking him about the man who came in she got very little info other then he came to visit someone staying there, Treely left with many questions about who was that man, why was he spying on her, and who did he go see? After taking the mead back to Mum they drank for a bit and waited for Treely to return. Treely still at the docks looked for Torinn who after asking the ship master found him waiting at the end of the docks, she asked him why he wanted to leave but no answer, then she asked him to help her out and he agreed begrudgingly they returned back to the hide out to find Israphel and Asburg drinking when Treely and Torinn came in Treely took them to go meet Roarke but Upon arriving to the room they were not greeted by Roarke but a half orc who Treely recognized as Kelebar who was Roarke's second in command he told them people started disappearing and he wanted them to investigate splitting up Israphel and Asburg went off to another tavern closer towards the richer side of town while Torinn and Treely went back to the hotel. Treely was curious on what happened to the man spying on her so when they got there she asked 3 men who were sitting in the alley way what they saw the older of the three said he saw man walking down the alley way and before treely left she gave each of them a cooper piece and the man said wait I forgot to mention the man was stabbed. Treely followed the alley way to the end and looked around and saw nothing so she set out to find the information she needed and heard a loud commotion from two voices she recognized and found Israphel and Asburg drinking. she walks in and found out that the person they bought the mead from might have some answers to the missing people. They go back to the man and tried to talk to him but Asburg being very drunk tried to threaten him but he slammed the door in his face Asburg was told to go back to the bar and he did so. Treely talked to him and found out that his brother was taken, he didn't know by who but that there were people asking for people who wanted to jobs near the Inn where Treely followed the man. So they set out to check up on there team that were ill and to see if they can find out more about the missing people

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