Theologies, Faiths, and Philosophies

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Orasian Faiths

Vix – "Goddess of Control, Lordship"
The "eldest" of twin sisters born of the heavens, Vix has ever wanted one thing: domination of all other god-like creatures.  While most of the known gods and goddesses are within her circle of order, a few still evade her grasp.  It was in her name that the various Imperiums were forged and it is in her name that they are ripped apart.

Bragnul the Smite-Hammer – "God of War, Victory"
The Dwarven God of Battle, Bragnul has been fighting an eternal campaign against all "chattel" races like orcs, goblins and similar races.  He will also fight just about anywhere else, just for the thrill of battle, but is generally not as concerned with victory unless Dwarves are involved; it has been said that he will appear on the side of those about to lose an important battle in order to make the victory the opposing side more costly and bloody before disappearing again.

Anorith – "Goddess of Mercy, Compassion"
Twin sister to Vix, Anorith was tricked by her sister and now suffers an eternity of bondage deep in the city of the gods.  Despite being locked and bound, she still manages to maintain small cults across the known world and is able to provide for her followers as best she can.  Vix has long looked for a way to kill her twin and will try to do so as soon as a way is found.

The All-Mother – "Goddess of Life, Death"
The only deity the lizardfolk of the Sanguine Quagmire worship.  According to legend, she gave them life in ages past and is there to greet them into the afterlife, but only if they are pure.

Ahm – "Goddess of the Desert"

Theologies, Faiths, and Philosophies

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