Morning's Veil

Torinn's pain

Torinn starts walking back to the guild hall and whistles to Dryas asking if he is coming along, Torinn is holding back his emotion so the rest of the group can't see it as the two bards going back and forth about something, Torinn didn't care. As Torinn is walking he starts coughing up blood and slowing down, he looks down and sees the wounds didn't heal much after the healing potion he took. Torinn falls to a knee in pain and then falls to the ground, he hears Dryas walking up and Torinn looks at Dryas trying to stand up and whispers "I'm ok go on…." as he says that he hits the ground again Dryas and Steve help Torinn get back to the guild hall with Torinn barely concious, all Torinn can think about is his home island near Rek and how weak he actually is knowing he isn't strong enough to go back there to save anyone yet.  Torinn fading in and out of conciousness can't hear anything and see's imagines, the edge of town, the guild hall door, the stairs down, then he sees the nurse from the guild hall. Torinn confused how he got there sits up slowly holding the crossbow wound and asks the nurse "How did I get here?" The Nurse turns around and says "ah you are awake, some of your friends carried you back here. The wound was much worse then it looked you will be alright but you need rest so lay back down." Torinn looks around and doesn't see anyone so he puts his hand up to his earring to activate the arcane spell and says "Thank you Dryas and Steve." Torinn closes his eyes and thinks what he should do next knowning that his time on this continent needs to come to end so he can train and finally achieve his goals.


elfofthefae Nightflyer92

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