Morning's Veil

Torinn's gift

When Torinn got back to the city he breaks off from the rest of the group saying "I have something I need to do I'll meet you back at the talor shop" and starts walking off quickly pulling his cloak up so his face is hidden and starts looking for the market. Torinn starts trying to ask people where the market is but most people don't stop and answer him, Torinn keeps walking and wandering around until he sees an older couple and stops and asks them where the market is. They stop and tell him that the market is just over there and turn left in the split in the road. Torinn smiles and says "thank you for your help, that was very kind of you." and starts walking down that direction and sees the market.  When Torinn gets there he walks up to the first booth he sees and asks " I'm looking for some non magical earrings and copper wife, where can I find them?"  The person behind the booth says " well the cooper wire you can get here, but the booth down there at the end sells earrings he might be able to help" Torinn nods and asks "how much for the cooper wire?" The man says "how much cooper wire?" Torinn shows how much cooper wire he needs, the man says well that will be 8 cooper for that much cooper. Torinn hands him the  8 cooper pieces and says "thanks" and he takes the cooper wire and walks down to the end the person behind the booth smiles and puts the coins in his pocket.  Torinn goes down to the booth and sees a bunch of rings, necklaces and earrings and asks "Do you have any non magical earrings?" The older gentleman behind the booth smiles and says "yes right here", he points to the earrings on the side that all look the same. Torinn looks at them and asks "How much for 6 earrings?" The older gentleman says " that will cost you 2 silver pieces. Torinn pulls out the coins and hands him 3 silver pieces and smiles and takes 6 earrings, Torinn walks out to the forest to the clearing he was in before and starts to prep an enchantment ritual. Torinn lights the ground in a circle around him with fire sits in the middle holding all the earrings in one hand and the cooper wire in the other. Torinn closes his eyes and focuses hard on the earrings and the spell he plans to enchant in them. After an hour Torinn opens his eyes and sees all the ruins on the earrings and all the cooper wire gone. He smiles and walks back to the talor shop and sees the group, Torinn walks up to the group and says "here I have a present for all of you, open up your hands" when the group opens up there hands I hand them the earrings and say "I enchanted these earrings so we can talk to each other at a distance they have a range of 500 ft."


elfofthefae Nightflyer92

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