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The Northlands of Oras

Societies and Cultures

Kalos Imperium – “The Dominion of the South”
The Third Imperium, named for the founder and first Imperator Kalos the Brazen, covers the most land of any nation on Oras.  In fact, it is a collection of lesser-states that have been conquered or absorbed over the centuries.  Each of these subject nations is ruled by a Royal Viceroy, which is usually hereditary.  Above all of the viceroys sits the Imperator, Lord and Despot of the lands within his borders (and it is assumed outside of them, as well).

Mycrea – "The Lands of Sorcery and Subversion"
Mycrea, also known as the Mycrean Islands, is an archipelago off the south-west coast of Kalos.  The culture is deeply rooted in magic and superstition said to hail back when the first Imperium was founded.  Each island is ruled by a different Sorcerer-Lord, who is in turn ruled by the Supreme Magister.

Lelrennas – "The Blood Elf Woods"
A highly xenophobic and insular people, the elves of Lelrennas do not suffer outsiders so not much is known of them.  While stories in Kalos range from them being four-legged tree monsters to creatures that were once men but fell to cannibalism, the truth is somewhat in the middle; highly hostile elves with sharpened teeth and a taste for flesh.  They are led by the Master of the Hunt, known usually just as the Master.  The nations of men have tried many times over the years to conquer this dark realm, each time providing the Great Feast to its inhabitants.

Thul Goloragg – "The Deep Darkness"
Translated into common roughly means "Fortress of Deep Death," Thul Goloragg is a Dwarven Kingdom that is heavily caste based.  At the bottom are the various orc and goblin slaves from the other "nations" they have conquered (though their slaves are from all races).  Above that being the artisans and merchants and those of similar vocations.  The warriors rank highest in normal society being only outranked by the nobility.

Dominion of Xisara – "The Children of the All-Mother"
Deep in the Sanguine Quagmire live a race of lizardfolk.  Deeply rooted in religion and custom, their head-priest/ruler leads them from a stone city deep in the swamp.  While they kill all intruders they come across, they let a small trading settlement exist on their southern border.

The Amta – "People of the Sands"
A matriarchal tribal peoples that nomadically inhabit the Amtayan Wastes on their giant, riding lizards.  It is unknown if the people are names for the land or the land for the people but their legends speak of a time when their sands will become verdant and no longer need their protection

Archduchy of Emnos – "City-States with Spears"
Less a nation and more of a collection of city-states, Emnos only unifies to face external threats.  Each Doux runs their own city and only defers to the Arch-doux during times of crisis.  Due to the long periods of war with the neighboring kingdom of Sibis, their farmers easily double as skilled militia and are known to be deadly with short and long spears.

Kingdom of Sibis – "Horselords of the Plains"
While technologically inferior to the southern nations, Sibis more than makes up for it by being a culture of fierce warriors.  Traditionally mounted on horseback, they have a long history of raiding nearby kingdoms and other tribes.

Avelion – "Last of the Woodland Elves"
Though much smaller and less populous than their more evil cousins, the people of Avelion are a peaceful, freedom-loving people.  It was founded by those who ran from the Master of the Hunt in Lelrannas and they continue to try and free their oppressed brethren. 

Geographic Features and Regions

Termina Peaks “The Land’s Spine” – The large range of mountains the separate the northern kingdoms from Kalos.  The Dwarven Kingdom of Thul Goloragg claims most of the range but only inhabits the underground caverns of the northern half.  The range itself is hostile to all who would travel through it and no trail is known to exist.

Sanguine Quagmire “The Slog” – The eastern peninsula that is permeated with a thick swamp through most of its entirety.  So called because of the iron-rich mud that is found in the region, much of the land looks like old blood.  It is said that travellers will see the mud turn a more fresh color before being sucked down into it.  The non-lizard people who actually live in the region usually just call it the slog and stick to “safer” regions, usually close to the coast and away from the lizards.

Amtayan Wastes – This northern desert is a fast expanse of land that becomes increasingly sandy and hostile the further it gets from the Termina Peaks.  Various ruins scattered across the dunes suggest it was not always devoid of life and civilization, but the local tribes of men do not suffer intruders to what they see as their sacred places.

The Southern Kingdoms of Iteria

Kingdom of Cadryn
Kingdom of Tern
Uscian City-States
Principality of Valennes
Triarchy of Zaria

The Ancient Eastern Lands of Ensuun


​​​​​​​Kingdom of Khetu
Thassalocracy of Lybal
Umlur Dynasty

Domains, Kingdoms and Republics

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