Dominion of Xisara

Dominion of Xisara (pronounced Chi-sah-rah)

A theocracy of lizardfolk deep in the Sanguine Quadmire.  Xisarans are guided by their religion dedicated to Xisara, also known as the All-Mother or the First-Mother (depending upon interpretation of various texts).  They are xenophobic to all other races save Kobolds and will eat any outsiders that venture into their land.  They have small settlements across the swamps but the only one made of stone is their capital and religious center of the Pillar of the All-Mother.  They do allow a settlement of “manfolk” along their southern coast for trade and news (and, sometimes, for centerpieces to their feasts), but expect regular rents and tribute to avoid a certain and terrible death.

Pillar of the All-Mother

The largest of the lizardfolk settlements, a place most of them refer to as “home,” it is the only town to be built with stone and other, stronger materials.  The tower itself is made of white stone and managed to go over a hundred feet into the sky.  It is surrounded by a small series of fortifications that are little better than short walls and a sprawling temple complex.  A series of small ziggurats surround the main complex and the land in between is filled with the normal, wooden lizardfolk homes.  The city maintains a small population during most of the year but becomes quite busy during religious festivals.  During religious holidays, lizardfolk from across the land make the journey back “home” to partake in the rituals and celebration.  Spawning season coincides with the largest of the festivals.

Brink’s Mooring

A small town on the southern coast of Xisara that the lizardfolk “kindly” gave to foreigners who wanted to live in the Slog.  They allow it to exist so they can maintain some kind of trade with the outside world without having to directly interact with other peoples.  In return for the land, the lizardfolk expect regular taxes and tributes that equate to about a quarter of all earnings.  Those that keep riches for themselves or who go too deep into the swamp are usually not heard from again.  A popular expression of the town is “I'd rather live in the swamp,” which equates to the fact they would rather be dead.  Some of the land is cleared around the town to allow for small-scale agriculture but most of the food comes from both fishing along the coast and rivers and hunting in the marshlands.  While technically a lizardfolk settlement, the day-day operation is managed by the Lord Mayor and is appointed by a representative from Xisara who maintains quarters in the temple district.  The only official temple is dedicated to the All-Mother and all other forms of worship are prohibited by residents upon pain of death should they be caught.  Salt and reeds are the primary forms of production and trade, which brings in Southern foods and dwarven gold at a steady rate.

Dominion of Xisara

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