The Major Islands

Voxt – divination - 
Fellund – necromancy – Easily the most populous of the islands due to the massive amount of skeletons and zombies, Fellund is dedicated to the study and revival of undead and other necrotic powers.  While there are laws that allow commoners to keep undead family members two generational steps from themselves, most of the undead are owned by the local wizards and the reigning Sorcerer-Lord.  Most of these reanimated creatures serve as servants or laborers, freeing up the civilian population to tasks that require a more deft touch., like craftwork and so on.
Rek – evocation – Once the largest of the islands a thousand years earlier, a cataclysmic error in spell research resulted in the near-complete destruction of the land.  It is not little more than a small patchwork of islands, many of which still have odd effects lingering from the devastation from before.
Gorza – conjuration - 
Shelt – abjuration - 
Tranis – transfiguration - 
Chantra – enchantment - 
Mirra – illusion – One of the more confusing lands in Oras, many things on Mirra do not actually exist.  Creatures, buildings and more made of varying qualities inhabit the land.  Some shimmer or are more shadows than reality, showing poorer quality illusions but there are still quite a few “dragons” flying around that give no such clue.  The wizards here delight in scaring or confusing others and are notorious practical jokers, especially on their own people.
Basilia – Magister’s Tower – The largest of the Mycrean Islands is also the seat of power for the dispersed nation.  Normally known as the Basilia (sometimes called the Magister’s Tower) is a blackstone built tower that houses the Supreme Magister and his court.  When the other Sorcerer-Lords are not doing research of their own, they often can be seen at the Basilica, often plotting against one another.  The rest of the island is fertile due to the presence of a large volcano in the northwest mountain range.

The Minor Islands

The Mainland

Edgewa’er Harbor – A large port town that manages the imports and exports to the Mycrean islands.  It’s common practice for each island to import and export directly with Edgewa’er (pronounced Edgewear) rather than independently; it makes shipping with foreign powers much easier and the islands can dedicate more space to magical research.  The town itself is more or less a fortified series of warehouses that also has all of the craftsmen to make it run, business that support the workers and their families, and guards.  This makes it easier for merchants to do business, which makes gold easier to come by.  Each Sorcerer-Lord maintains a trade representative to oversee his business and to ensure all the gold is spent properly on needed resources.

The Mycrean Islands have been the center for magical study on Oras for as long as recorded history, though it is much older if one would ask a sorcerer from that land.


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